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Blush Lash & Nail Bar offers signature treatments in a fabulous location in the Greeley area. I welcome my guests to embrace traditional luxuries through a wide array of relaxing, professional services.

With my experience and training I believe in an individualized approach and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to nail & skincare treatments or a long-time wellness enthusiast, my services are crafted to enhance your senses, inner serenity and your overall well-being.


My name is Brandy Carter 

Licensed Master Nail Technician & Aesthetician,  NCEA Certified

Brandy Carter

About Me

I'm always striving to learn more. Curiosity is my middle name. I thrive on knowledge and the challenge of something new. Nails is always changing and evolving. I'm finding skin to be the same way. So I expect to have some great adventures and challenges ahead. I love to turn every one's hands and feet in to works of art and make them feel good. So I'm thinking with my craving for natural lashes (lash lift & tint) and hair restoration (microchanneling) and an over all want to help people feel and look good,

the future is looking very bright.


A little bit about me: 

When I'm not in my studio building my craft and exploring my new adventures in skin. I'm a mom of two great kids. I love to read, watch movies, arts & crafts and cuddle my cat. My favorite place on earth is with my toes in the sand on a beach!

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Education, Training & Certifications

Nursing Certificate 1997

  • Licensed Nail Technician 9/2002

  • Certificate in Master Manicurist 2003

  • Certificate in Master in Spa Pedicures 2003

  • Certificate in Master Acrylic Nail Technology 2003

  • Licensed Esthetician  6/2022

  • NCEA Certified 2022

  • Association of Electric File Certification 2004

  • Certified Manicuring Hair Removal by Waxing 2010

  • Certified Waxing for Nail Techs 2010

  • Certified Gel Overlays & Enhancements 2016

  • Barbacide Certification 2020

  • Barbacide COVID-19 Certification 2021

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Recertification 2022

  • CPR/AED/First-Aid Recertification 2022

  • Certificate of Mastery in PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion System 2021

  • Certificate in Manual Resurfacing (Dermaplaning  & Microdermabrasion) 8/2022

  • Certificate in Chemical Peels 8/2022

  • Certificate in Microneedling 8/2022

  • Certificate in Basic Laser Light 11/2022

  • Certified Cosmetic Laser Light Specialist  11/2022

    • Incudes Radio Frequency 11/2022

    • Laser & IPL Hair Reduction/ Removal 11/2022

    • IPL Photofacial 11/2022

    • Vascular Lesions 11/2002

    • RF Microneedling 11/2002

    • Lamprobe (removal of skin abnormalities) 11/2022

    • Laser Tattoo Removal 11/2002

  • Certificate of Achievement IMAGE Verified Professional Program 1/2023​

  • Certificate of Achievement IMAGE Premier Professional Program 4/2023​

  • Certificate in Permanent Jewelry Welding 6/2023

  • Certificate in Lamprobe from Lamskin 6/2023

  • LightStim LED Certification 3/2024

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My Studio

I own and operate private suites in professional building.

I’m on the main floor. Right across from the entrance.

1019 39th Avenue, Stuite C & F, Greeley, CO

Mon           9:30a-6:30p

Tue            9:30a-6:30p

Wed            9:30a-6:30p

Thur            9:30a-6:30p

Fri- Sun        CLOSED

All service are by appointment only.
Call or Text to schedule 970.518.2021

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